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Guinness drinks at Dublin Square in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Guinness Drinks at Dublin Square

There’s a little bit of magic in every expertly crafted drop of Guinness. There are six distinct features that make this beer stand out from all the others: roasted barley, extra hops, special yeast, the maturation process, the famous creamy head, and the supremely skillful craft of their brewers.

Arthur Guinness started the St. James’ Gate brewery in Dublin back in 1759. Today, at St James’ Gate Brewery, there are nine key steps in the brewing process to achieve the enjoyment of Guinness beer. There are also several ways to enjoy it here at Dublin Square. Below are a few of our recommended favorites. PRINTABLE MENU

  • Black Velvet

    Guinness, and Magners Irish Cider

    Black & Blue

    Guinness, and Blue Moon Belgian White Ale

    Black Cow

    Guinness, and New Glarus Spotted Cow Ale

    Black Pearl

    Guinness, and Local Pearl Street Brewery’s Downtown Brown Ale

    Black & Red

    Guinness, and Killian’s Irish Red Ale

    Black & Tan

    Guinness, and Smithwick’s Irish Ale

    Half & Half

    Guinness, and Harp Lager