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Dublin Square Irish Pub in La Crosse, Wisconsin

The Pub – A Unique Irish Experience

The “pub” occupies a very special place in the culture and history of Ireland and also at Dublin Square. The Irish are famed for creating the greatest pubs on the planet. In Irish pubs, pint glasses are always half full, the craic is always ninety, and the night is always young. For centuries, the Irish have perfected the best nights out and the best celebrations where nights turn into weekends as the beer flows.

At Dublin Square Irish Pub we continue these traditions and create a place where both the young and old alike can come to have a great time and create lasting memories. It is our mission to provide a clean and enjoyable environment, tasty food, and good, seamless, predictable service. Stop in for great music, fun bartenders, delicious food, entertaining conversations, and of course, the clanking of the pints.

While visiting us at Dublin, all we ask is you follow four simple rules:

  1. Drink Whiskey
  2. Respect Pub Property
  3. Respect Other Pub Patrons
  4. Drink More Whiskey

The Rooms of Dublin Square

Once inside Dublin Square Irish Pub, you are given the choice to spend your time in four different rooms: The Dame Street Bar, The Throne Room, The St. Patrick’s Room, and The Heated Outdoor Patio.

The Dame Street Bar at Dublin Square Irish Pub and Eatery located in La Crosse, Wisconsin

The Dame Street Bar

The Dame Street Bar area continuously seems to be the hotspot at Dublin Square Irish Pub. It is vibrant and the energy and atmosphere is palpable. Great music, fun bartenders, entertaining conversations, and the clanking of pints is what is seen and heard on any given day or night. There are three large 50″ TVs playing the day’s sporting events and the up to date technology is used for audio and visual entertainment. You will truly feel like you are in a pub in Ireland when standing in the Dame Street Bar area.

The St. Patrick's Room at Dublin Square Irish Pub and Eatery located in La Crosse, Wisconsin

The St. Patrick’s Room

The St. Patrick’s Room is in the back of the pub. This is where you are able to enjoy the occasional game of darts or play video games. You will also be able to order a shot of Jameson or a bottled beer at the Jameson Back Bar. There are two large 50″ TVs to watch your favorite sports teams while throwing back some cold, tasty libations.

The Throne Room at Dublin Square Irish Pub and Eatery located in La Crosse, Wisconsin

The Throne Room

The Throne Room is the main dining area during lunch and dinner services, but at night it’s the room where live music is played. This is the room that defines a “Public House”. It is the perfect space for romantic discretion, enjoying good conversation with your friends, and knocking back some Jameson drinks. Although it is typically a more quiet room than the Dame Street Bar area, a lot of fun is had in The Throne Room. The room boasts one large 50″ TV and a huge 80″ TV with music that can be heard at all times.

Heated outdoor patio at Dublin Square Irish Pub and Eatery located in La Crosse, Wisconsin

The Heated Outdoor Patio

Our guests are allowed to enjoy our outdoor patio year-round (it’s heated in the winter months). While sitting outside on our heated patio, you can watch TV and listen to music from our outdoor speakers. Our outdoor beer garden is ground-breaking for the historic downtown La Crosse district and we are very lucky to be able to offer this freedom to our patrons. Nothing beats a cold pint of Harp or Smithwick’s on a hot, summer day!

Book A Party

Dublin Square is the perfect venue for retirements, birthdays, graduations, bachelor(ette) parties, and even small wedding receptions. Our party space can hold up to 30 guests. Fill out the form below to request a party date and get more information.